Caldwell® The Rock™ Deluxe


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The Rock™ Deluxe Front Rest 




Caldwell®  The Rock™ Deluxe


The best way to determine the accuracy of your rifle and ammunition is to shoot them from a solid bench — with a quality shooting rest. With precise repeatability of shots as your goal, The Rock™ Deluxe Front Rest is the right tool for the job. The Rock™ helps eliminate the “human factor” in shooting and will help you shoot tighter groups. • Wide and stable footprint dispersed over 5 1/2 lb. rest


  • 7/8″ diameter steel post provides smooth and quick elevation adjustments up to 7 1/4″ height 
  • Use the 3 levelling feet to level your rest on most any surface
  • Forend stop ensures consistent stock placement from shot-to-shot
  • Forend cradle is designed to accept all Caldwell Deluxe Universal Front Rest Bags
  • Filled Medium Varmint front bag included

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