Bushnell Conx & Kestrel 5700 Elite AB




*New 2018 - Flat Dark Earth Kestrel Elite AB




Bushnell ConX & Kestrel 5700 Elite 


The Bushnell ConX Rangefinder connects via Bluetooth to your Kestrel® Wind Meter and or your Ballistic calculator smartphone App, combining effortlessly all the environmental data variables with your own personal ballistic data. The result of all this technology at the range or out in the field is reliable, repeatable first round hits on targets like never before. 


 Once your smartphone is connected via ConX you can set up the Rangefinder from the phone and set up to 3 different custom ballistic curves. Get hold over values from the Laser Rangefinder in inches, MOA or MILs on your smartphone or the Rangefinder's display. With the use of approved Kestrel®Windmeters, advanced environmental data can be incorporated into holdover values for superior ballistic data.


The Bushnell Elite Tactical 1-Mile ConX Laser Range Finder has been designed to be tough and handles any weather conditions it encounters, O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for 100% total waterproofing and fog proof protection.


*This model can withstand complete immersion in water, without worry of compromising the advanced technology inside. The ConX & kestrel Combo will get you on target first round every time, this really is a match made in heaven.



Rangefinders Main Features:


  • ConX - Wireless communication with iOS and Android devices
  • Brush mode - ignores the foreground such as trees and bushes
  • Bullseye mode - geared for close range use
  • E.S.P 2 - Fast & Accurate provides ½ yard accuracy from 5-199 yards
  • Fully multi-coated optics Vivid display technology - dramatically improves contrast and light transmission
  • Rainguard HD - permanent water-repellent coating
  • Rifle HD - bullet drop holdovers in MOA and MILS
  • Scan mode - continuously updates the display as you scan for targets



  • Deer 5-500 Metres
  • Trees 5-1000+ Metres
  • Reflective 5-1760 Metres



  • 7x magnification
  • Bluetooth Wireless connectivity via CONX Technology
  • VDT (Vivid Display Technology)2nd Generation
  • E.S.P. (Extreme. Speed. Precision.) - Provides up to 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10-yard display precision
  • VSI (Variable Sight-in) Rifle Mode – provides bullet-drop/holdover in CM, IN, MOA & MIL.
  • BullsEye,™ Brush™ and Scan mode Range: 5–1760 yards
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Compatible with a magnetic attachment system
  • Fully waterproof Built-in tripod mount
  • Posi-Thread™ battery door




Kestrel 5700 Elite AB


The Kestrel Shooter's Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics Technology measures up to 15 environmental parameters and allows users to select from either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients (BC) when calculating a trajectory at the range. This handy, portable meter also offers the “Litz” measured BC library of over 225 bullets, which is considered to be the most extensive source of measured data for modern small arms bullets.


Users can also train the Kestrel Shooters Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics software to match a specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range with the ballistics calibration feature, which offers even more accurate data points for users to rely on. With easy access to more accurate BC data, shooters have everything they need to make a much more precise trajectory calculation in a compact and durable Kestrel Meter design.



  • Calculate accurate fire control solutions for long range rifle shooting.
  • Select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficient when calculating a trajectory.
  • Get ballistic coefficient data for more than 225 long range bullets 
  • Measure up to 15 environmental parameters at your fingertips.
  • Train the software to match your specific rifle based on observed impacts at long range
  • Calculates and adjusts for gyroscopic spin drift and Coriolis effect
  • Adjust for Angle
  • Wind Speed/Air Velocity
  • Temperature
  • Wind chill
  • Relative Humidity
  • Heat Stress Index
  • Dewpoint Temp
  • Wet Bulb Temp
  • Barometric pressure
  • Altitude
  • Density Altitude
  • Wind Direction
  • Crosswind
  • Headwind/Tailwind
  • Pressure Trend 

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Good Review by Alex
The work ok together but I did struggle to get my phone to pair with the bluetooth at times, iphone5 there is a lot to learn with the Kestrel (Posted on 21/11/2018)
Works as stated Review by Badgers
Watched the YouTube videos and read the reviews, actually works as stated, not cheap but great stuff does its job very well. (Posted on 17/09/2017)
Perfect Combination Review by Lee
no more guess work on range or in the field, i am able to have accurate data on my phone in seconds. i have already added in my ammo info allowing me to accurately adjust my scope on to the target at the ranges i shoot. i love my gadgets and these are some of the best shooting aids i have ever bought. (Posted on 20/08/2017)

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